Manual urgente para radialistas apasionados. Front Cover. José Ignacio López Vigil. José Ignacio López, – pages. MANUAL URGENTE PARA RADIALISTAS APASIONADAS Y APASIONADOS . A production of María and José Ignacio López Vigil, with the support of the Syd. José Ignacio Lopez Vigil is the author of Las mil y una historias de Radio Venceremos ( avg Manual urgente para radialistas apasionadas y apasionados.

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Thus, it cannot be kept under lock and key and used only by a few.

To accompany loneliness and enliven company, to find out what is happening right away and put one’s own weighty problems aside for awhile; that is radio, like those all-terrain vehicles, for every situation. To be different, to lopezz with our own heads. For example, if in Mexico City, the most populated city in the world, women decide to have their own radio station—and I hope they do—we would be dealing with a community of interests that touches ten million women.

We don’t want communication by halves, we won’t settle for having other people give their opinions about us or receiving the occasional invitation from some other station to say a couple of words for ourselves just because of the owner’s commercial or political commitments.

Each chapter includes a reflection offering background information and an understanding of sociology, politics, archeology, geography, religion, family, and food. I think about prisoners at the Olmos prison in Buenos Aires. Private radio can be as community-oriented as public radio, religious as much as lay, and so can university, union, cooperative, popular, and NGO radio, or even three crazy youth who together make their own transmitter and enter the informal economy with their neighborhood station.

When the house is yours, you sleep calmly. And if we consider domestic social differences within countries, the gap grows to to llopez. A theological presentation of major themes completes this unique reading adventure.

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Certainly, these radios do not have a clandestine vocation nor do they like going to court to be accused of disturbing public order. Public opinion gravitates around these social mediation spaces. We said that community radios are at the service of civil society. They only lack the channel of expression, the new technological conch shell, the radio. Thanks for telling us about the problem. To appreciate ourselves and to appreciate others.

Let’s take a vaccination campaign. With so many paradigms destroyed, the question itself—not the answer vkgil hard to understand.

The newspapers were so indignant that they prohibited radio from using them as an information source. This law and its regulations limit the power of so-called communal radios, prohibit advertising on them, and put them under the national security statute. Even God, when giving a self-definition, chose to be called The Word.

That is the manuak law. But we have to go farther; not only do they tell us, but they decide on and establish reality. The challenge was not accepted by Ecuador’s Constitutional Tribunal or, rather, by the businesspeople in the Ecuadoran Radio Broadcasters Association who pressured the Tribunal.

In Brazil, community radios are asking the state to give them two interstitial channels.

Manual urgente para radialistas apasionadas y apasionados – José Ignacio López Vigil – Google Books

Thirdly, community radio programming is designed by the community, to improve social conditions and the quality of its cultural life. This clarification may or may not be needed, but being a professional is not the same as having a university degree.

Before, journalists ran behind the politicians. The agenda, sadly, is very broad: Stations radialitas adhere to the principles of democracy and participation.

We also need courts to defend human rights, places where civil society can go to denounce the thousand and one violations that are committed daily. Those who don’t remain in the darkness.

People can recognize themselves and identify with community radio, in addition to communicating among themselves. For example, Radio Amnual Viator has been transmitting since then in Collique, a peripheral neighborhood in Lima.


For the first time in the history of Latin American communication, commercial and community media sat down at the same table. The priority and the sense of our work is determined by the marginalized and impoverished majorities in our countries.

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Four have a long history: It is also not the best solution for the actors themselves, who have to go on stage whether they want to or not. Open Preview See a Problem? It is so insignificant that airport security confuses it with a toy. The response is not really very complex: Our stations, independent of political and commercial interests, can and should fashion themselves into open air parliaments, as meeting places for citizens. I also take the design manual.

What is Community Radio? | amarc

But no ownership structure should be disqualified a priori. Programming should be democratic and democratizing. Viyil legitimate child is recognized as such by his or her parents. The communications media, like King Midas, make everything they touch turn brilliant. This does not prevent them from growing and seeking a place in the market ”Community and civic radio is defined by the community of shared interests it represents and by the coherent political-cultural, communication and business objectives of these same interests.

Secondly, it is essentially a non-profit enterprise. We want radailistas full media. Local stations, in effect, look at their problems and try to imagine solutions among themselves, they listen to favorite music, they exchange opinions and they get together to improve their quality of life.