Bio: John Betjeman () was named poet laureate in , and is known for his nostalgic writings on contemporary topics. On a pillar in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey is a memorial to Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate and broadcaster. Sir John Betjeman’s centenary will be marked with a wreathlaying ceremony at his memorial in Poets’ Corner on Monday.

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Sir John Betjeman memorial. His love of architecture secured him a job as assistant editor of the Architectural Review but his publications on architecture ran alongside his books of poetry, which earned him a Queen’s Medal westminsteer Poetry. He served on the Abbey’s Architectural Advisory Panel. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

In Westminster Abbey- Revision Notes – Revision For NI

In Westminster Abbey by John Betjeman. The poem is set out in seven stanzas, each of six lines, which are known as sextets. In the Eternal Safety Zone. The Poems and Quotes on this site are the property of their respective authors. Through the poem Betjeman satirises, not just this one woman, but the English upper class. Notify me westmlnster new comments via email. The pompous tone is possibly best expressed in a line from the last stanza:. I love irony, and this is the best. Thanks bobbedford for directing my attention to this poet.


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Here, where England’s statesmen lie, Listen to a lady’s cry. Before Betjeman sets the scene, the lady gets herself into the mood for a religious service by adopting an appropriately elevated tone, and lexical field vocabulary with a Latin phrase to describe the singing: At Highgate school he was taught by T.

Now I feel a little better, What a treat to hear Thy Word, Where the bones of leading statesmen Have so often been interr’d. Pamela – Rector’s Secretary.

The first and third lines are written with four stresses, thus trochaic tetrameter, while the second and fourth have three stresses and are iambic trimeter. Website by Developed by.

Sir John Betjeman

Lord, put beneath Thy special care One-eighty-nine Cadogan Square. Form and Literary Context We hear the monologue of her wwstminster in seven fairly regular stanzas of six lines each sexains or sextets — both correct in trochaic tetrameter.

Haleigh – like I said up top in my comment The lady uses conventional liturgical language of penitence, making sure the Lord gets matters in proportion: Returning to the previous idea wesrminster God must realise that she is rather pushed for time, she rounds off her orisons with the couplet: Sign up with Facebook. Geoffrey Chaucer uses the same method. His name was of Dutch or German origin but he dropped the last letter in his name.


Haleigh – I think that I agree with you. And now, dear Lord, I cannot wait. John Betjeman was an English poet who was rare in that his poetry was often well received by both his audiences and literary critics.

Now I feel a little better, What a treat to hear Thy word, hich is very ironical as she did all of the speaking and there is no indication of any listening! You are commenting using wesmtinster WordPress. Think of what our Nation stands for, Great Britain sets an unimpeachable standard in her eyes.