Igraine the Brave has ratings and reviews. Dayna said: I loved it! It was very readable (or, er, listenable), and I enjoyed the fact that the h. Igraine woke up because something was crawling over her face. Something with a lot of legs. She opened her eyes and there it was, sitting right on the end of. Igraine’s parents are magicians who own the coveted Singing Books of Magic. Brother Albert has joined the family business, but Igraine finds.

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Igraine the Brave Teacher’s Guide

The one real mystery of the book involving the backstory of the Sorrowful Knight is not particularly all that satisfying when it is eventually revealed. We don’t want a strong woman. In the usual fashion of juvenile literature, the grave were paper thin, the dialogue was lacking in originality, and the plot was idealistic.

Igraine Ohnefurcht the things I “Drat it!

May 02, Stephanie Jobe rated it it was amazing. I am eager for my 9 year old daughter to read this book!


Igraine the Brave

With the possesion of the singing books, Osmund can practice powerful spells and cause destruction. This was my first exposure to Funke, and I think I will go check out some more of her stuff now. This article about a s fantasy novel is a stub. His fancy entrance at the end had me shook. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat Sorry Wikipedia, your worth is only left in helping kids do their homeworks.

Parents need to know that there is little of concern here. Trivia About Igraine the Brave.

The Evil Wizard Smallbone. She learns well from her actions to which she acted bravw quickly and attempts to do all possible to save her family’s long-held castle.

Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke

Jan 09, Jennica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 02, Melinda rated it really liked it. Today of all days I have to be wearing skirts! We’ve had around a hundred examples of strong woman.

Lighthearted, mild fantasy is giant tween fun. I’m sure you can guess: She is the practical one in a family of visionary magicians. Themes These are the themes according to Wikipedia. Her parents are both great magicians but unlike her brother, she is interested not being a magician, but to be a knight! Her ancestors, though, have warded off many attempts to steal the books of magic. Apr 30, Mandy Burkhart rated it it was amazing.


If so, then what’s wrong with the enchanted spear?

Nov 27, Maryam Noor rated it did not like it. Based on 10 reviews. Or I’ll make her past sad” Ok, I don’t think phobia is a mental illness.

A lot or a little? Along her journey she meets brxve giant, a very sorro This was a fun book written by the same author that wrote Inkheart.

And jail is just a place! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Igraine is a wonderful strong girl character with a clear voice and a slightly humorous point of view.

I’ll be honest; I loved it!