GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF LITERACY with books and teaching tools that As Glenn Doman points out, reading is a function of the brain, like seeing or. “How to teach you baby to read” by Glenn Doman gave a great start to Ed’s Early Learning. This is a detailed review based on our experience. How to Teach Your Baby to Read has ratings and 66 reviews. Pete said: To ANYONE who wants their kids to grow up with super reading skills this is i.

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The Gentle Revolution Press Bookstore: Teach Your Baby To Read

Teaching a child when the Parent is distracted or stressed is also not recommended. Although he was too young to reply- it was our way of telling him that this is suppose to be fun and if you are not having fun we can do something else.

So in total, you would have fifteen words. It is called The Curious Academy. Prices are quite steep though. This book outlines the methods ,procedures to be followed step by step, the do’s and dont’staech the babies brain is wired at different stages of development and growth and mostly it’s never to late to teach you baby to read from months is the I just completed how to teach your baby to read by Glenn Doman and Janet Doman.

Feel free to browse around the products, reviews and early childhood education articles. When he is not lecturing in Philadelphia or around the world, he is nose-to-nose with parents and children, discovering better ways to make hurt kids well and well kids more capable.

If you’re already convinced that teaching your baby to read isn’t going to glennn wound their infant souls then you’ll be happy to have your intuition confirmed by data, and you can then proceed to skim the first pages The rest of the book gives a system for creating cards and starting to expose the baby A large glehn of the book is spent explaining whether and why anyone would want to teach their baby to read. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I’m really excited about what I learned from this book. Sure, it will make your baby much more intelligent, but just as important, you will have such sweet memories of those special times with your child domna on your lap, reading aloud to you. They reminded me to to stop tsach he got bored and to always trust my sons capabilities.

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Glenn Doman “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”: Book Review

I just didn’t know it was possible! I thought it would be more of a how-to book, but it surprised me–quite pleasantly, I might add–that it spends more of the time telling you WHY you should teach your child to read young and HOW they actually learn.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We have it in our family, my Mother discovered it, and said: The original was published way back in the 60’s or maybe 50’s. This book shows just how easy and fun it is to teach a tiny child to read. It was also first published in the s, so they must be doing something right. Obviously I’m already willing to believe that idea gour I’m going to the trouble of reading this poorly-written book.


This post was written some years ago. He suggests ways to begin at birth and on up. In this case, “brain-damaged” means children whose brains were normal at conception, but were damaged through injury or disease.

He also tells us clearly when he wants us to stop. Basically there was a lot of blah, blah, blah at the beginning that could be skipped, but as far as laying out a plan for teaching your child to read–that is invaluable. View all 5 comments. Open Preview See a Problem?


bby Dec 16, Susan Austin rated it it was amazing. The book also has a detailed explanation of a set of rules that are the basis of the Glenn Doman philosophy of teaching.

What happens when the child is introduced to words for the same item in different languages? And once I felt like the accuracy of the information might be debatable, I couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the book. For the average child, being able to explore their world, through crawling or walking, is vital to their development, so sticking them in a playpen with a bunch of toys, while understandable, is a bad idea. You all would have had yoour advantage of speed reading from the earliest times Glenn Doman has lived with, studied, or worked with children in more than one hundred nations, ranging from the most civilized to the most primitive.

Babies are natural born geniuses. Tiny children can learn to. Nov 11, Valerie rated it it was amazing Shelves: For the skeptic or those who think that kids hate learning and that its to much for the child – don’t underestimate your child’s abilityread with an open mind and heart don’t let this treasure pass due to what you think is right or what you know. So what can we do to maintain their superior brain and logic? I have to admit that this was the hardest rule for us to follow and I am guilty of slipping up every now and then.

Learning and Teaching is not yoyr chore but should be fun and joyous experience for the Parent and child.