Dr. Brownstein claims 96% of the patients tested in his clinic had iodine deficiency. I have started testing patients in my practice and estimate from the first . Buy Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It (5th Edition By David Brownstein, M.d. and a Bottle of Amazon’s Choice for “dr. brownstein iodine”. Dr. David Brownstein. – “Iodine is not only necessary for the production of thyroid hormone, it is also responsible for the production of all of the other hormones of.

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Iodine has also been used in gram amounts for wound care, bedsores and pain. Furthermore, this is the area where people are concerned with the suppression of thyroid function. This is known as competitive inhibition. I brownsetin recommend that people reevaluate the amounts of iodine people consume.

Dr. Brownstein Reviews

The ovaries, testes, and adrenals all produce estrogen. There is a suggestion about the possibility of excess iodine, which is that there may be a transient hours hypothyroidism as described by Dr. What, then, is a reasonable and safe dose in a holistic context? Is Chocolate Good for Your Teeth? I first wrote extensively about the chakra system in in my book Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet. Iodine deficiency has indeed been associated with increased cardiovascular disease.

In the treatment of prostate and breast cancer, it is reported in Dr. Iodine can be used both to effectively treat and prevent malaria. Such reactions are even less likely with singlet or unbound iodine. This coincides with the Drs. Elite Test Reviews. The World Health Organization has related iodine deficiency to decreased fertility and increased perinatal and infant death.


As the iodine flushes out the fluoride it enhances the function of the pineal gland.

Another fact in the total population picture is that estimates show that more brlwnstein have died from iodine deficiency than died in both World Wars. Deficiencies of iodine also increase the incidences of breast cancer. It is the universal health mineral.

More in Health Read More. Healthy iodine levels also seem to be important in regulating estrogen balance.

Thyroid hormones control metabolism, temperature, heart rate, glucose consumption, and even blood lipids. Its role goes far beyond the less than micrograms used to prevent cretinism bgownstein goiter.

Gabriel Cousens’ Blog

He has written extensively on the topic, and sells an iodine supplement on this website. At the turn of the Twentieth Century, gram amounts of iodine were used for chronic lung disease.

Most Americans are laden with parasites, bacteria, viruses, and toxins in their lymph because they are iodine deficient. Another major health protection role iodine plays is to increase the release of toxic halogens fluorine, bromine, and chlorine from the cellular systems.

It improves immune function.

btownstein The pineal gland is important for producing serotonin and melatonin. Another important aspect of iodine is its ability to protect ATP the biological units of energy. People do not become allergic to iodine per se.

Mercola cites the lymph carries up er times the parasites and toxins as carried in the blood. Obesity or emaciation hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, respectively both may be caused by thyroid issues, which iodine may treat, prevent and even reverse.

Dr. Brownstein Reviews –

Thyroid hormones are essential for life as they activate key biochemical reactions including protein synthesis, iodinr activities, and function of target organs such as development of brain, heart, muscles, pituitary, and kidneys. Some clinical examples suggest that I can indeed displace radioactive I This is particularly positive considering most disease is related to chronic dehydration. This clearly illustrates the importance of iodine for brain development and overall health.


Additionally, the serious I exposure from Chernobyl and Fukushima, the radiation from medical procedures, and the ethylene dibromide from chemtrails all force iodine out of the body.

Iodine – The Universal and Holistic Super Mineral | Dr. Gabriel Cousens

For example, adequate iodine plays a role in protecting against stomach cancer. Although the Wolff—Chaikoff study suggested that a temporary inhibition of thyroid hormone synthesis may happen, no clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism have ever been noted with higher doses according to Dr. If a pregnant woman is deficient, the growth and development of the fetus is at risk of increased rates of mental retardation, dyslexia, ADHD, hyperactivity, short stature, decreased child survival, miscarriages, still births, and apathetic children with lowered capacity for movement and speech.

These important iodine functions include: I would hypothesize that bioavailable, active iodine chelates all positive charged toxins, such as pesticides and herbicides, in general because of its negative charge I. This is why today, more than ever before, there is a real need to supplement with iodine with holistically adequate levels. This occurs if enough iodine is supplemented, as discussed above, in order to push out fluoride, a culprit responsible for lead accumulation in the body.

Thyroid hormone has two effects: